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Spiders and Fleas

Prevent Spiders and Fleas From Taking Up Residence

Spiders and fleas are notorious for being hard to find in your home. They're especially good at hiding in hard-to-reach places. While spiders help to control other insect populations, there are some species of spiders that are dangerous to have in your home. Fleas may not be annoying to you, but when your pets scratch, a large number of flea eggs can become hidden in your carpets, pet beds, and furniture.

Spiders and fleas both reproduce rapidly. Flea eggs can remain dormant for months until they sense a potential host nearby. Spiders can produce large numbers of offspring and quickly fill your house. Both spiders and fleas can cause problems if they bite you, your family, or your pets. Reach out to the professionals at Aardvark Pest Control for help! We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to perform the best pest control in the area.

Let us Find Spider and Flea Hiding Spots

If you have reason to believe you have fleas in your home, first try to stop any reproduction. Start by treating your pets for fleas based on your veterinarian's recommendation. Then contact us for help in evaluating where the flea larvae and eggs might be hiding. We'll also assist you in discovering hiding spots for spiders and prevent them from spreading.

Don't share your home with spiders and fleas. Rely on our family and locally owned business to find the right pest control solutions for your needs. We'll ensure there are no future generations of pests hiding in your home, waiting to cause problems down the road. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!

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