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Have you discovered a pest problem in your home or business? You need to call Aardvark Pest Control. Our experienced and fully certified pest control experts will perform a full inspection of your property and work with you to create a treatment plan to eliminate the infestation at the source.

We use commercial-grade products and results-driven pest control strategies to exterminate pests in both commercial and residential properties. Call now to request a quote or to schedule an inspection.

A Responsive Exterminator with Accurate Quotes

We know better than anyone that infestations can only be controlled with fast action. At Aardvark Pest Control, we don’t make our clients wait—we are the region’s most responsive pest control company.

Our goal is to get you an accurate quote as fast as possible so that you can see just how competitively-priced and market-driven our rates are.

A quick phone call is all it takes. Let’s get started.

Insect Exterminator Inspection

We can’t do anything without a full-scale inspection of your property. This is where our real skill and professionalism shows through. We will trace the visible signs of the infestation into the hidden, hard-to-find places. From there, we will create a pest extermination strategy that’s tailored to the specific size, extent, and placement of the infestation.

We leverage state-of-the-art inspection technology and years of proven identification methods to track and exterminate a wide range of infestations. Although we cover all types of infestations, the most common ones we deal with include:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Bedbugs
  • Spiders
  • Wasps
  • Mites
  • Moths

Don’t see the particular pest you’re having issues with here? Don’t know which pest you have? No worries. Get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to help eradicate your uninvited guests.

Results-Driven Pest Extermination Strategies

Every pest infestation requires its own treatment methods. Some, like a typical wasp nest, can be dealt with in one visit. Others, like cockroaches and bed bugs, require multiple treatments over a long period of time. Never believe an exterminator that makes wild and unrealistic promises. It’s important to recognize that pest extermination requires consistency and planning for complete extermination.

It’s all about the follow-through. We offer our clients realistic timelines for complete extermination. We are not done until the problem has been completely dealt with, and your home or business is pest-free.

Extermination Follow-Ups

We will plan a follow-up inspection to determine that the extermination was successful. This is especially necessary for infestations that require multiple treatments, as it helps us guarantee that our work is done. If we find that the infestation is still present, we will take decisive action to eliminate it for good.

The Best Exterminator in the Region

If you’ve ever dealt with a pest control company before, you know that not everyone offers the same level of care, consistency, determination, and success. We put our clients first, and we deliver successful results, every time.

For affordable and reliable extermination services, call us now for a quote at (517) 782-0422.

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