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Boxelder Bugs

Keep Bugs From Making Your Home Their Home

In the autumn months, boxelder bugs, stinkbugs, and ladybugs start to panic. They will almost certainly die if they're unable to find a safe, warm place to spend the winter. Keep them out of your home with screens on your heating vents, chemical deterrents, and infestation removal from Aardvark Pest Control!

For a boxelder bug, stinkbug, or ladybug, your house is an ideal place to spend the cold and snowy months as it is dry and warm. Properly seal your home to keep them out! Caulk cracks and replace the seals around windows and doors, and ensure brush and waste are kept away from your home. Keeping your home clear of branches and yard waste will make it more difficult for these insects to invade your home.

Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs for Good

Have you noticed a proliferation of boxelder bugs in or around the outside of your home? When you find yourself facing an insect infestation with the potential to deface and devalue your property, our pest control and prevention specialists are here to help quickly solve the problem.

With a hand-selected team of certified exterminators, advanced pest control tools, and treatments that have proven effective for tackling boxelder infestations in and outdoors, there’s no better-equipped professional to call than Aardvark Pest Control.

Reach us to speak to a qualified pest control technician and learn more about what we’ll do to diagnose and eliminate these unwanted visitors from your space for good.

What Is a Boxelder Bug?

Boxelder bugs are approximately half an inch long and have a distinctive shape, with a narrow, elongated body and six legs. They have black bodies with red or orange markings on their wings and abdomen.

Boxelder bugs feed on the leaves, seeds, and stems of box elder and other trees and can cause significant damage to the foliage, aesthetic appeal, and longevity of trees on your property.

Is the Boxelder Bug Dangerous?

Boxelder bugs aren’t harmful to humans or pets but can become a nuisance when they enter homes and business properties in search of warmth during the winter. Boxelder bugs release a foul odor when disturbed or crushed, and their excrement is well-known for leaving stubborn stains on surfaces.

While boxelder insects don’t threaten human or pet health, their presence, the foul odor they’re known for, and the damaging properties of their excrement can diminish your ability to enjoy your property.

Don’t let this pest get out of control on your property. Enlist the help of a certified boxelder exterminator and say goodbye to your unwanted houseguests forever.

Quick and Effective Boxelder Bug Control

When you phone us with an insect issue, you can be sure we’re the boxelder bug control company that’ll quickly respond to your service request. We also provide flexible scheduling availability to help accommodate your busy schedule.

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about whether our services will be effective. We’re industry-leading innovators who are well-known for helping local homeowners and businesses free their properties of box elder activity of all types.

Here are the steps we typically take during boxelder bug treatments:

  • Assessment: Our seasoned pest control technicians will assess your property to determine the extent and locations of insect activity.
  • Treatment: We’ll consult with you to propose a personalized treatment plan. Once we have your approval, we’ll begin the application. Our treatments include strategically applying approved insecticides and using advanced vacuum technology to remove stubborn bugs and their eggs from hard-to-reach areas.
  • Prevention: Once the bugs, their eggs, and their habitats have been removed from your space, we’ll suggest actionable ways to prevent boxelders from finding their way inside in the future. This can include sealing cracks and pruning trees that grow close to your home.

Consult with a professional from our team to explore fast, affordable, and effective ways to keep the box elderbug from establishing its presence and gaining a foothold at your home or business.

Boxelder Bug, Stinkbug, and Ladybug Removal

Once inside your home, it can be very difficult to get rid of boxelder bugs, stinkbugs, and ladybugs. They won't cause any trouble during the winter months, but they will try to leave your home in spring. A number of them could escape the same way they came in, but others will find their way inside. These bugs' waste is smelly and can stain furniture and upholstery. You may see them gather around doors or windows.

Contact Aardvark Pest Control today for a FREE estimate on boxelder bug, stinkbug, and ladybug removal! We can identify the source of entry, find out where they are nesting, and determine how best to remove them.

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