Pest Control in Jackson

Professional pest control services in Jackson are just a call away! Aardvark Pest Control is an experienced, knowledgeable, and affordable team of pest control experts, and we want to help you eradicate any pest problems you face.

For easy-to-schedule extermination services, please call (517) 782-0422 to get started.

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Providing Smooth Pest Control Services

When we show up to help with your pest control needs, you can expect nothing but the best service from beginning to end. We arrive on time, locate issues swiftly, and come up with even swifter solutions. We will provide you with the services necessary to give you the confidence that your unwanted guests won’t appear again.

Before we leave, we will give you a rundown of our services in the name of total transparency.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control Expertise

Whether you have commercial or residential pest control needs, we can help. We’ve been assisting businesses and homeowners in Jackson for a long time, and we know what kind of service they are looking for. We will eliminate your pest issue no matter how extensive the infestation is.

You can’t have any pests running around if you run a business. It can make your employees very uncomfortable, and if you have customers walking through your property, critters of any kind are unacceptable.

 Call our team today and rid your property of insects and rodents for good.

Our Pest Control Services

We provide Jackson’s best pest control services. As Jackson’s pest elimination experts, we have no weak points in our service. We offer the best team of exterminators in Jackson, and we always work with a smile on our faces.

Our services include:

  • Bed bug treatment
  • Ant control
  • Cockroach control
  • Mice exterminator
  • Rat/rodent control
  • Wasp control
  • Termite control
  • And more

If you have pest problems of any size, please contact Aardvark Pest Control to have them addressed.

Comprehensive Pest Inspections and Maintenance Programs

Our job begins the moment that we step out of our vehicle. Before we knock on your door, the preliminary pest inspection has already started. Pests come from outside, and that’s where we begin the assessment. Once we’ve located your pest problem, we will apply effective yet humane extermination methods and thoroughly solve the issue.

We will give you an entire rundown of what we’ve completed before we leave your property and give you tips on food storage and other things you can do to prevent future pest problems. We do more than eradicate pests—we provide our clients with a full-blown pest control education.

Schedule Your Pest Control Service Today

Please call Aardvark Pest Control: Jackson’s best exterminator today. We are always available to help you solve your pest problems, so get in touch whenever you need our help.

When you call, one of our helpful representatives will walk you through our services and schedule your appointment. We will give you an accurate, transparent quote for the services you need and book an extermination consultation if we deem it necessary.

You can always reach us at (517) 782-0422 to speak with our friendly team of experts.