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Aardvark Pest Control offers fully integrated pest management services. If you have a rat infestation on your property, our professionals are here to inspect, treat, and monitor the problem until it’s gone.

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Professional Rat Control Services

Finding rats in your home is never a welcome discovery. These large rodents carry harmful diseases, cause property damage, and are just plain unpleasant to see scurrying around the areas where you eat, lounge, and sleep. The one positive thing about a rat infestation is that it’s hard to miss. Unlike other pests, rats are easily detected in the home by their droppings, tracks, scent, and noises. When you discover a rat where it doesn’t belong, act fast: contact the pros at Aardvark Pest Control. We specialize in rat control and will help you de-rat the premises for an affordable price.

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Effectively controlling rats is a multi-step procedure that requires the right tools, knowledge, and experience. Our specialists are seasoned rat-catchers. We’ve assisted countless property owners throughout Ann Arbor rid their homes and businesses of unruly rats. We’re confident that we can do the same for you—which is why we’re pleased to offer you a no-obligation cost estimate of our services.

First, schedule a site visit with us, and our technician will take a firsthand look at the nature of the infestation—no strings attached. This visual assessment will inform our decision on the best control strategy moving forward. Depending on the situation, we may use traps, baits, or a combination of both. When we incorporate live traps into our rat control programs, we’ll come back often to remove the rodents humanely and safely for you. We’ll place them strategically after mapping out their entry points, nesting areas, travel routes, and food sources.

When our professionals have created a foolproof plan of action to tackle the infestation head-on, we’ll quote the job in full transparency. No gimmicks, no hidden fees. Just an accurate and straightforward contract for your consideration.

Rat Prevention Tactics

Part of a comprehensive rat treatment is careful, calculated preventative action. Our technicians will walk you through the essentials of rat prevention and help you eliminate property attractants and entry points from room to room. Rats are frustratingly talented at both climbing and tunneling. For this reason, it’s crucial to analyze your home’s accessibility from top to bottom. Our technicians will make sure there aren’t any tree branches touching or extending over your roof, as rats can easily climb trees to gain entry through your attic. Similarly, we’ll carefully analyze your home’s ground level to seal holes, cracks, and crevices. We are painstakingly exhaustive with this process, as rats can squeeze into tiny spaces only one-quarter of an inch in diameter. Finally, we’ll help you develop safe food storage and waste removal practices to deter the critters even further.

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Aardvark Pest Control makes rat removal quick, affordable, and stress-free. With our professional exterminators on your side, you can evict rats without the headache or hassle.

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