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Professional Moth Removal

Our company boasts a long track record of success for eliminating moth infestations rapidly and affordably. We use a combination of non-chemical and chemical treatments, often first attempting to resolve the problem with a non-chemical approach. We do this by identifying and removing the larvae, eggs, and food sources of the moths, as well as sanitizing the affected areas to prevent reappearance. For severe and time-sensitive infestations, we may choose to conduct moth fumigation to treat large properties more quickly. 

Finding Moth Infestations in the Home

There are many different species of moths, but in our professional experience as a company, we typically encounter either clothes moths or pantry moths in the home.

Clothes moths are tiny winged insects that do mighty damage. Once they’ve infiltrated a home, they damage costly fabrics, feeding on materials such as:

  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Felt
  • Fur
  • Feathers
  • Hair

As moths are active at night, you’ll likely notice them during the day gathering in darker areas, such as the corners of closets and drawers or between folded fabrics. Pantry moths, as the name suggests, are attracted to food items typically stored in a pantry. You’ll find these pests in the kitchen, and you may also notice their webbing, cocoons, or droppings nearby their food sources.

Schedule a Moth Removal Service

Book a property inspection with us, and our seasoned technicians will quickly get to the bottom of your infestation and develop a foolproof plan of action to get rid of it. We’ll dispose of infected products and then scour every nook and cranny of your home, painstakingly vacuuming all larvae and eggs. Then, we’ll sanitize the areas and protect your other items. For example, we’ll seal food, like flour and cereals, in airtight containers and store your fabrics where moths can’t access them. We deal with the moths in all stages of their life cycle for a comprehensive attack on the infestation.

Post-Treatment Moth Control

Not only do we exterminate moths, but we equip property owners with the knowledge and tools they need to keep them from coming back. We consider moth protection and prevention just as important as moth extermination.

The first step to preventing a moth infestation is to understand how they get inside. We recommend that our clients refrain from leaving doors open for extended periods, especially at night. We also suggest inspecting food items, plants, furniture, and fabrics before bringing them indoors, as moths might be traveling undetected on these surfaces.

Count on us to tell you all the preventative actions you can take to avoid future moth mayhem.

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